Ocean Jewels

At The Neighbourgoods Market, we believe in supporting neighbours and companies with a focus on improving the future.

Ocean Jewels, a locally owned fresh fishery, is a proud participant and supporter of the SASSI initiative. 

"Food security, as well as the livelihoods of many local fishing communities, are influenced by the seafood choices consumers make. This is particularly true in developing countries, such as South Africa", according to SASSI.

"Seafood is one of the most traded food commodities worldwide. Globally, developing countries are the biggest exporters of fishery products. These exports are a valuable source of foreign exchange and the industries around them contribute to generating employment.

To ensure abundant fish stocks and seafood for the future, it is vital to keep ecosystems balanced and healthy. Sustainable seafood makes social, economic and environmental sense."

Julie Carter, owner of Ocean Jewels and passionate advocate for sustainable fishing practices and has traded at the Neighbourgoods Market for a number of years. Now with her own store in the neighbourhood, Julie insists on only selling high quality fish from licensed fishermen and her fish will never be from the SASSI red list

By supporting ethical businesses, we not only promote local business growth and support a neighbour; but promote food security and cultivate a better future for later generations.